• What is the average timeline for a job to be Powder Coated

    There are a few parts to this question which we will assume; that is, that the items requiring powder coating are in a prepared form, clean and ready for Powder Coat. In this case, items can take as little as 1 day in our factory.

  • Can you powder coat wood or plastic?

    Due to the fact that Powder Coating requires heating beyond plastics melting point and woods ability to withstand hear, the answer here is no we can not powder coat plastic items.

  • Will Powder Caot prevent rust?

    Yes. As a matter of fact, our national branded suppliers of powder coating materials guarantee this.

  • Is there a Powder Coater near me?

    Our local factory is in Minto NSW however we export our products around Australia. Our freight rates are very reasonable and we ensure your items are delivered in a timely fashion.

  • Is Powder Coating better than paint

    Generally, Powder Coating is a much more durable and long lasting solution that when applied to metal, is quiet different in characteristics than ordinary paint. This really depends on the purpose it is used for however in most cases for functionality Powder Coating is a better option.

  • What makes a good Powder Coater

    The best materials, Experience in powder coating and a passion for high quality powder coated products.

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