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The process of powder coating is quite different to regular painting due to regular paint being applied wet and not cured with heat. An electrostatic gun is used to spray the items due for Powder coating. The dry particles land onto the earthed metal which attracts them and then the items are moved into an oven via conveyor system for the baking process which binds the dry powder to the metal.

Powder coating is a unique finishing technique that is becoming more and more popular amongst society in all types of industries such as commercial and residential products. Being non wet there is no dry time or drips on items and they finish looking great which can make powder coating more desirable on certain projects. Another major point in commercial production is that Curing time for powder coating is significantly faster when compared to traditional liquid applications.

Generally, items are Powder Coated to achieve a protective and decorative finish and powder coatings are available in a large variety of colours and even textures.


Powdercoating Paint
Dry Fast - non wet Slow dry - liquid
Smooth coat Caution of drip marks
Long lasting Not a durable
Glamours finish Good Finish
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